More Workshops and Testimonials

Tree of Life: Painting and Memoir Workshop

“I rate this experience as ‘excellent.’ I think Theresa’s workshops would benefit anyone.” – Rose Ann Walker

“Good balance between painting and writing. Your workshops are always so uplifting and strengthening.” – Sue H.

“I liked everything. It felt very holistic. I recommend.” – D.D.

Creative and Contemplative Writing Group Series

A Tasting and Touch Table to inspire Mindful Sensory Experiencing and Creative Writing

“I really liked getting to know the other participants and exploring my creativity. I would recommend this experience. It was fun. My overall rating of this experience is excellent.” – Mary Crummer

“What I really liked about this experience was being comfortable enough to express my writing. I would recommend. This was an empowering experience. Great class!” – ab

“The facilitator is very patient. I rate her organization level as excellent. I learned that I could write spontaneously. I would recommend this experience. It was fun, creative, and VERY well done.”  -holley

“I rate the facilitator’s organization as excellent. I recommend this experience if people want an opening to create without evaluation.” – Anonymous

“What I liked most about this experience was Theresa and her creativity.” – Anonymous

New Year’s Visioning Workshop

Promotional Image for "Create Your Vision 2019" Mindful Creativity workshop with Theresa Foster

“I would absolutely recommend this experience to a friend. I feel more creative and relaxed. You created a wonderful, safe space to be and create.” – Jenny L.

“What I really liked about this experience was creating, self-care, and connectedness. I absolutely recommend!” – Elise L.

“The facilitator is especially good at helping me slow down. Yes, I would recommend this experience to a friend. The process, location, music, and materials were excellent.” – Ouida M.

“This experience was both meaningful and pleasurable. I feel more energized and joyful now. I recommend this experience.” – Rose Ann W.

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