Theresa Foster

Hello! Welcome to my workshop page. I am Theresa Foster, owner I’m an artist, a writer, and a creative arts workshop facilitator. I received training in group facilitation from Expressive Arts Florida Institute, located in Sarasota, FL. I have facilitated creative arts group experiences in Gainesville, FL since 2016. Testimonials and photos from previous workshops are below. I hope you will join me at a relaxing, restorative Meditative Art event soon!

Workshop Testimonials

Creative Spirit Circle: Meditative Art Group

In Creative Spirit Circle, we focus on slowing down our breath after a busy day, setting an intention, connecting with ourselves, and creating intuitive art from the heart. Come explore mixed-media supplies like watercolors, collage, pastels, colored pencils, writing supplies, and other sources of inspiration. No previous art experience needed, no need for erasers, no critiques. Plus, enjoy soft music, herbal tea, and snacks in a retreat setting. I will provide gentle guidance, but everything is an invitation. Leave feeling centered and inspired through a deeper connection with self and others. For those interested, a private Facebook group is also available to offer inspiration and nourish your creative practice between meetings (moderated by yours truly).

Creative Spirit Circle, June 18

Donation to Theresa Foster


Suggested donation to Theresa Foster is $10 for one session of Creative Spirit Circle, payable by credit card or PayPal (separate buttons below). Donation of a different amount may be offered at the group meeting, by cash, check, or credit card via Square (this web interface does not allow for sliding-scale payments). The Karuna Cottage owner also requests a sliding-scale cash or check donation (dana) at the end of the meeting. Please give according to the benefit you receive from the experience. Please RSVP to reserve your seat in advance. Karuna Cottage address will be provided to those who RSVP. Thank you!

Creative Spirit Circle, July 2

Donation to Theresa Foster


Creative Spirit Circle, July 16

Donation to Theresa Foster


** CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Paying in advance means you agree, understand, and accept the following policy. Cancellations and/or refund requests must be made to Theresa Foster by phone or email 7 days before the workshop date. Requests made less than 7 days before the workshop date will be honored, but will also incur a 10% service fee. Requests made less than 24 hours before the workshop date will not be honored. No refunds will be issued if a participant registers but does not show up for the workshop and does not send prior notice of cancellation.

Some previous workshops

Acrylic Pour Your HeART Out!

Images from an introduction to acrylic pouring on May 4, 2019

After this workshop I feel inspired, creative, relaxed, and joyful. I loved it all, especially Theresa’s instruction techniques. I would recommend this to a friend. It’s fun! – Shelby H.

Earth Month Gratitude Mandalas

When I made my mandala, I wondered, “who lived in this shell?” It connected me to nature in a new way.- Susan

Creative Spirit Circle group at United Church of Gainesville

Meditative Mandalas

“I loved creating my mandala. It was fun!” – Heidi S., 09/22/18

“I would absolutely recommend this experience to a friend. Creative energy inspires! I can’t wait for the next session!” – Elise 10/27/18

“Thank you again for your Mindful Creativity gathering. The experience was thoughtful, creative, kind, growth-inducing, and FUN! My artwork is hanging on the fridge. Each time I pass it, I hear, ‘Be more in touch with your creative side.'” – CCK, 09/15/18

“Theresa’s workshop was thoughtfully organized with fabulous materials. I enjoyed the “back to childhood” creativity moments that helped me leave my ‘I am not an artist’ mantra behind.” -F.B., 09/15/18

All smiles after a Meditative Art group!

“The experience was wonderful and enlightening!” – Mary, 09/15/18

Fun personal expressions with collage!

More Testimonials

Creative arts experiences can be emotionally powerful. They can also produce general health and wellness benefits that some might describe as “therapeutic.” I include this disclaimer to emphasize that I am an artist, not a therapist. I understand the boundaries and I have been trained to facilitate creative arts group workshops in a manner consistent with my abilities and background. I design arts experiences as a form of recreation and life enrichment, and I do so with utmost care for participants’ well being. My workshops are not a form of psychotherapy. If you are seeking Art Therapy or other psychological treatment, please locate a licensed Art Therapist, or other mental health professional:

My workshops are special opportunities for adults to relax, renew, and restore creative fuel for life. Take a break from the outside world and enter the realm of your own inner wisdom and mindful presence. I offer a semi-structured experience, fun art materials to use, and a supportive atmosphere in which you can simply focus on being present. You don’t need to worry about having an artistic background, or any special preparation, or outcomes. I invite you to simply create something fun and/or meaningful to you. You will leave feeling more connected to yourself and others in our Creative Spirit Circle. Give yourself the gift of creative play. You deserve it. And after all, creativity is our superpower!


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